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About us

The Roundtable of Entrepreneurship Educators of Florida facilitates sharing, creates collaborations, and formulates new ideas that can be implemented in Florida’s educational institutions. REEF supports the continued growth of entrepreneurship in the state and provides students the best possible entrepreneurship education and experiences.

Member Organizations and Programs

The Thomas S. Johnson Master of Science in Entrepreneurship Program (MSE) is where the principle and practice of entrepreneurship seamlessly
The Institute provides students with genuine support and a strong foundation of knowledge from which to pursue entrepreneurial aspirations. This
The Blackstone LaunchPad  powered by Techstars entrepreneurship program helps University of Central Florida students succeed. Open to all students and
TCC Spark! is an initiative focused on fueling passionate entrepreneurs with the skills and connections needed to ignite an idea
The University of West Florida Center for Entrepreneurship is dedicated to seeding economic growth. The Center encourages and supports educational