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Governor’s Cup Competition

Florida’s Premier Collegiate Pitch Competition

  • Date of Event: TBA 2020
  • Location: FAU – Boca Raton
  • Additional Details: TBA


  • Detailed Agenda TBA




  • Executive Summary: Clear, exciting and effective as a stand-alone overview of the product.
  • Product or Service: Description, features and benefits, pricing, current state of development, proprietary position.
  • Market and Market Strategy: Description of market, competitive analysis, needs identification, unique capabilities, sales/promotion.
  • Management: Background of key individuals, ability to execute strategy, personnel needs.
  • Summary Financials: Presented in summary form, easy to read and understand, consistent with plan and effectiveness.
  • Overall Assessment of the Presentation: Is the plan clear and compelling.



Requirements & Eligibility

  • Any student or team who was in school during the Fall semester is qualified to complete.
  • Students participating should be undergraduates with ownership and control of at least 51% of the company.
  • Participant teams will be selected by the REEF school and the team will provide the judges a short executive summary.
  • All schools will be required to have at least one faculty or staff member in attendance with their student or team.
  • Student teams must not have revenue that exceeds $100,000.00 before the beginning of the competition.


Tips & Recommendations

Recommendations for the PowerPoint

  • Present a problem requiring a resolution.
  • Present your business model.
  • Present the resolution you’re able to provide (your product or service).
  • Explain your revenue model.
  • Depict your plan to launch.

Additional Tips

  • Do not allow your PowerPoint to exceed ten (10) slides.
  • The font should be easily seen; minimal words should be used on each slide.
  • Visuals (images, graphs, etc…) are a major plus, just make sure they’re relevant to your presentation.
  • Comparison charts that depict why you’re better than your competition are great when trying to be persuasive!

Tips & Recommendations

  • First Place – A trophy, the school of which the winning student(s) attend will hold the large trophy for the year, and a cash prize (50% of prize pool from competing schools).
  • Second Place – A Certificate and a cash prize (30% of prize pool from competing schools).
  • Third Place – A Certificate and a cash prize (20% of prize pool from competing schools).